Country Program Evaluation: Dominican Republic (2009-2013)

Oct 2013
This Country Program Evaluation (CPE) for the Dominican Republic covers the period 2009-2013. The evaluation is structured into four chapters, plus annexes. Chapter I analyzes the general context in the country from two perspectives. First, the structural characteristics of the country's growth model are briefly described. Second, the main economic events during the 2009-2013 period covered by the Bank's program are described. Chapter II provides a general analysis of the Bank's program in 2009-2013, with particular reference to the relevance of the country strategy, together with analysis of the program actually implemented. Chapter III provides a sector-based analysis of the implementation, effectiveness, and sustainability of the operations, and of the level of progress towards the Bank's proposed strategic objectives. Chapter IV presents conclusions and recommendations. Lastly, the annexes present the sectoral analyses upon which the evaluation's findings are based.