Country Program Evaluation: Colombia (2007-2010)

Aug 2011
This evaluation examines the IDB's Country Program with Colombia for the 2007-2011 period. The evaluation found social investment and decentralization as two areas in which the IDB maintained presence and relevance during this period. In social investment, the IDB was consolidated as a stable partner to Colombia in the creation and operation of a long-term social safety net. In regards to decentralization, cooperation was crosscutting, as the IDB worked with subnational institutions in diverse sectors, such as transportation, business development, housing, and modernization of the State. The IDB also continued its long-term work with Colombia to modernize and improve the efficiency of oversight agencies and the judicial branch, helping the country to obtain sizeable savings. To continue to improve the strategy with Colombia, OVE recommends that the IDB should: (i) increase its efforts to lower the transaction costs of IDB's cooperation with the country; (ii) improve the evaluability, monitoring and evaluation of the Country Strategy and the projects financed by the IDB; (iii) identify and strengthen the IDB's capacity in the areas and sectors in which the country will concentrate its demand for financial cooperation; and (iv) identify international development experiences that have been successful and present them to Colombia.