Country Program Evaluation: Chile (2011-2013)

Jun 2014
This Country Program Evaluation (CPE) with Chile covers the 2011-2013 period and is the third occasion on which the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) has evaluated the Bank's program with the country. The previous evaluations covered the periods 1995- 2005 (document RE-320) and 2006-2010 (document RE-380-1). The current country strategy (document GN-2642-1) was approved in December 2011 and is for a period (2011-2014) that does not coincide with the country¿s political cycle. The administration of President Piñera was in office from March 2010 to March 2014. IDB Management expects to submit a new country strategy to the Board of Executive Directors in August 2014. The evaluation is structured into four chapters, plus annexes. Chapter I analyzes the general context in the country. Chapter II provides a general analysis of the Bank's program in 2011-2013, with particular reference to the relevance of the country strategy, and an analysis of the program actually implemented. Chapter III provides a sector-based analysis of the implementation, effectiveness, and sustainability of the operations and of the progress achieved towards the Bank's proposed strategic objectives. Chapter IV presents conclusions and recommendations.