Country Program Evaluation: Brazil (2007-2010)

Oct 2011
This evaluation examines the IDB's Country Program with Brazil for the 2007-2010 period. The evaluation found that the program with Brazil has been very relevant, because the IDB has been able to maintain its competitive advantage in the country by changing its business model in light of declining federal demand. Under this model, lending focused on three types of clients: (a) sub-national governments; (b) the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), and (c) the private sector. The evaluation also found that there is room for improvement in regards to operational efficiency and development effectiveness, which are in part related to the business model. OVE recommends that in its new country strategy, the IDB should (i) ensure appropriate focus in the program by specifying ex ante criteria to be used in considering the mix of operations, including the strategic orientation that will guide the choice of non-sovereign loans; (ii) explicitly include measures to improve operational efficiency; and (iii) include an action plan with time bound targets for improving the measurement and dissemination of its development effectiveness.