Country Program Evaluation: Belize (2004-2008)

Oct 2008
This report (RE-349) presents an evaluation of the Bank's country program for Belize in the period 2004-2008. It is based on a review of documentary evidence provided by the Bank and other sources, as well as information gleaned from interviews with Bank staff in Headquarters and the Country Office, Government officials, local entrepreneurs and other persons during the missions of OVE to the country. The scope of this report is the IDB programming and operational cycle 2004-2008. The evaluation is organized in the following chapters: Chapter 1 offers an overview of the structure of the Belizean economy and of the developments taking place during the period 2004-2008. Chapter 2 describes and evaluates the programming intent for the country based on two evaluative criteria: relevance and coherence. Chapter 3 reviews the program output's delivery efficiency and the qualitative dimension of the Bank's portfolio. Chapter 4 examines the effectiveness of the Bank's operations in Belize.