Country Program Evaluation: Argentina (2003-2008)

Dec 2009
This Country Program Evaluation (RE-361) focuses on the Bank's ability to adjust its programming from a context in which the demand was primarily for fast financing and crisis mitigation to a context of growth. The CPE assesses four areas customarily reviewed in these evaluations: diagnostic and context, programming, delivery, and results. The last three areas correspond to questions of the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Bank's role in the country. This CPE identifies positive findings regarding the Bank's involvement during the period under examination, such as accurate assessments of key challenges, well-targeted support of some social programs, and important instances value added. However, OVE's review raises concerns in many areas, including insufficient follow-up on its involvement in many programs, uneven and negative net flows to the country, and over-reliance or inappropriate use of certain loan modalities. OVE also offers several recommendations that may guide the Bank in its strategy for its relationship with Argentina in the years to come.