Costa Rica 2050: Tales of Change

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Quirós, Daniel;
Ulloa, David;
Murillo, Catalina;
Fernández, Olivia;
Chaves, Luis;
Porras, Santiago;
Campbell Barr, Shirley;
León, José Pablo;
Schumacher, Camila;
Porras, Leonardo;
Macaya T., Emilia;
May 2022
Fernando Chaves Espina, Jurgen Ureña, Emma Tristán, Mariela Sáenz, Stephanie Monterrosa, Diego Arguedas Ortiz, Stephanie Altamirano Zeledón, Felipe De León Denegri, Andreas Fazekas
Major changes demand exertions of the imagination. Costa Rica possesses significant challenges in its Nationally Determined Contribution presented in 2020 (NDC 2020), the National Decarbonization Plan, and the National Adaptation Policy; meeting them requires work, commitment, and creative work that enables us to visualize it. These stories offer us a glimpse into the future we aspire to and the future we fear, a glimpse of what is coming and what could come. Costa Rica has the economic and technological conditions for transformation. Having the necessary conversations to promote it is still pending, conversations in which citizens feel involved. With this in mind, we propose these stories as a way to start the discussion and invite us to contemplate what could come and what we could do to build a better future.