Contribution of Variable Renewable Energy to Increase Energy Security in Latin America

Nascimento, Gabriela;
Huback, Vanessa;
Lima, Lucas;
Ludovique, Camila;
Vasquez, Eveline;
Viviescas, Cindy;
Magalar, Leticia;
Szklo, Alexandre;
Amendola, Fabio
Dec 2017
The analysis presented here aims to shed some light on a successful integration of variable renewable energies to electricity networks and how, despite depending on the fluctuations of the climate itself, they can also contribute to the energy security of the region. The study is divided in two sections. The first part of this report presents a review of the latest state-of-the-art variability indices for wind and solar energy, as well as a survey of existing studies addressing complementarities between renewable resources. The second part of the study evaluates the possible impacts of climate change on future wind and solar resources in Latin America and how these impacts can affect the complementarities between these two sources of electricity.