A Conceptual Framework to Measure Green Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Dec 2019
In recent years, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have made considerable steps forward in the measurement of firm innovation. However, no broad cross-country initiative has been undertaken to measure the state of green innovation (GI) in the region and the dynamics at stake. This document contributes to address this gap by drawing up a conceptual framework for GI measurement in the region. First, it defines the concept of GI and sets a common terminology for the analysis. Second, it reviews some international best practices of GI measurement. Next, it identifies elements that could be either replicated or adapted for LAC countries and links them to a number of policy areas in order to develop an analytical framework that could guide efforts by national statistical offices and other data producers to collect a set of policy-relevant indicators. Alongside traditional measures of GI development and commercialization, particular attention is devoted to GI adoption as well as to elements that favor GI adoption, such as the availability of complementary technologies and vocational and technical skills. Finally, this document briefly analyzes a few cross-country GI indicators already available in LAC countries and discusses the broader measurability of GI data in the region.