Climate Change Adaptation Case Study: Climate Change Impacts during Droughts on the City of Trujillo, Peru

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Asadullah, Anita May;
Lasarte, Alejandro;
Sep 2015
Ducci, Jorge
Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has contracted DHI to conduct this study under a project called "Knowledge and Capacity Building Product". The overall objective of the project is the development of an initial portfolio of adaptation case studies allowing IADB to respond to requirements and needs of its member countries in establishing specific policies of adaptation to climate change with respect to impacts on water resources. The case studies are based on on-going IADB activities in the Latin American region and they are aiming at providing local information and analyses assisting the local water resources managers in coping with the climate change challenges but also to prepare guidelines on how to mainstream adaptation to climate change into implementation of Bank-funded projects and to recognise explicitly the impact of adaptation measures. The case study described in the present report forms part of this projects and concerns.