Citizens in the Spotlight: Exploring Perceptions of Infrastructure Services in Latin American Megacities

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Dec 2023
In the expanding megacities of Latin America and the Caribbean, providing essential services such as water, sanitation, energy, and transportation poses a significant challenge. This document presents insights derived from a 2023 survey conducted in five megacities, drawing comparisons with a 2013 survey to know the evolving perspectives of the residents. Influential factors, including the impact of the digital revolution, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and climate change, collectively shape residents' perceptions of these fundamental services.

The survey delves into various aspects, exploring citizen satisfaction with water, sanitation, energy, and transportation services, while also considering the affordability of these services. Additionally, the survey examines citizens' priorities regarding their overall quality of life and assesses the discernible effects of climate change on their daily lives. This comprehensive exploration provides a lucid understanding of the intricate dynamics that define the changing quality of life in the megacities of the region.