Citizen Participation in the Activities of the Inter-American Development Bank

Oct 2000
The present document sets forth the basic concepts and guidelines that would be incorporated into the Strategic Framework on Participation. It is based on the preliminary study done in the Sustainable Development Department (SDS): "Towards a Conceptual Framework for Public Consultation and Participation" (March 2000), which was submitted to many organizations of civil society (OCSs) for consideration and consultation, and placed on the Bank's web page. This document considers how citizen participation influences the attainment of the Bank's institutional objectives, which requires, on the one hand, compliance with its mandates and, on the other, ensuring that the benefits and advantages of participation are realized. The Strategic Framework will also guide the Bank in its support of initiatives taken by the governments, institutions and citizens of countries in the region aimed at increasing citizen participation in light of the aforementioned objective of deepening the relationship between democracy and economic and social development.