Choices and Change: Reflections on the Caribbean

Deosaran, Ramesh;
Tincani, Amos;
Lewis, David E.;
Bloomfield, Richard J.;
Rajapatirana, Sarath;
Serbin, Andrés;
Henrikson, Alan K.;
Skeete, Charles A.T.;
Ross-Brewster, Havelock R.H.;
Walch, Karen S.;
Bloomfield, Steven B.;
Dookeran, Winston C.;
Meins, Bertus J.
Jan 1996
Dookeran, Winston C.
Fourteen essays by experienced political leaders, researchers and scholars examine the political economy and international relations of the Caribbean. Strategies for sustainable development include proposals to link productive structures among private sectors and increase institutional flexibility.