Challenges for Family Farming in The Context of COVID-19: Follow-up after 6 Months of Crisis

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Mar 2021
This follow-up analysis complements the results obtained in the study: “Challenges for Family Farming in The Context of COVID-19: Evidence from Farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)”. For this, information was collected from the same sample analyzed for the months of February to May but this time for the period between August and November 2020. Specifically, this Phase 2 of the analysis seeks to identify the problems that have persisted or have worsened in family farming in LAC due to the pandemic, as well as measuring the level of food insecurity of small farmers. The results of this study show that the majority of family farmers are in a situation of food insecurity and that several of the problems found in Phase 1 of the survey persist 6 months after the start of the pandemic. Specifically, continued exposure to the crisis appears to have increased the negative effects on agricultural production and rural household income.