Catapulting Innovation: Linking Open Innovation with Innovation Procurement

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Dec 2021
The unprecedented speed of technological change--impacting all sectors of the economy--is changing how research is done, how companies work and do business, and how governments operate and relate to citizens. Innovation may be open, but it is not free. Innovation procurement does not end with the establishment of a supportive legal framework. To cope with the speed of these changes, systematic and mission-driven investments in science and technology capabilities are critical. At the same time, investments must enhance the capabilities of the public and private sectors to work collaboratively, with a supply and demand focus and a shared vision of the risks and returns on investments. This publication emphasizes the increasingly multidimensional and interconnected knowledge flows to accelerate innovation and endogenous capacities between institutions. It is the second in a series of three IDB documents on innovation procurement and open innovation in Brazil. Through this series, the Bank shows its commitment to investing in science, technology, and innovation and strengthening digital transformation.