The Case for Green Infrastructure in LAC: Conclusions from Stockholm World Water Week 2018

Jun 2019
As part of Stockholm World Water Week 2018 (SWWW), the IDB organized, in coordination with several partners, a set of four sessions (“Eye on LAC”) in which the necessity, challenges, and opportunities for implementing natural infrastructure in LAC were discussed with respect to meeting SDG6 targets.
Arising from the World Water Week 2018 theme of “Water, Ecosystems and Human Development” Eye on LAC focused primarily on ecological and economic arguments for implementing green infrastructure in LAC. Green infrastructure was discussed in the context of: 1) the water-energy-food nexus; 2) the business case and financing options for green infrastructure projects; 3) barriers and challenges to mainstreaming green infrastructure in the water sector; and 4) how water reserves can be used as an ecological water management model. This paper summarizes the discussions, findings, and conclusions reached during those SWWW sessions, and provides recommendations on strategies that will help LAC advance green infrastructure in pursuit of meeting SDG6 targets by 2030.