Caribbean Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Toolkit: Developing Infrastructure and Improving Service Delivery

Multilateral Development Bank;
Jun 2017
Caribbean governments need to make significant investments in high quality infrastructure assets. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) offer a mechanism for governments to procure, finance and implement public infrastructure projects that can leverage the private sector's knowledge, financial capacity and efficiency. The implementation of PPPs requires careful risk management and mitigation, as these long-term contracts are complex to structure, and require specific knowledge and experience. Building up technical capacity, especially of government officials who oversee PPP transactions, is therefore essential. Several features of the Caribbean economic environment such as small market size, shared legal and regulatory systems, capacity constraints within governments, high investment needs and limited fiscal space deserve special treatment. This Toolkit describes the Regional environment for PPPs, drawing lessons from global as well as Caribbean examples, and includes a Model Caribbean PPP Policy Template. The six Toolkit modules cover the key aspects of PPPs, including policy and enabling environment, project identification and screening, development of the business case, procurement and contract monitoring.