From Bullets to Blackboards: Education for Peace in Latin America and Asia

Guzman, José Luiz;
Thomas, Anne;
Reimer, J. Kila;
Van Thanh, Duong;
Vargas-Barón, Emily;
Estrada Armas, Hugo;
Iskandar-Dharmawan, Livia;
De los Angeles-Bautista, Feny;
Phomsavanh, Khamla;
Erisandy, Sondang Irene;
López Herrán, Leonidas;
Lachanthaboun, Sengdeuane;
Mujica, Rosa María;
Tualeka, Baihajar;
Guzmán de Luna, Eduvigis Auxiliadora;
Bernal Alarcón, Hernando;
Jan 2005
Bernal Alarcón, Hernando;Vargas-Barón, Emily
In areas torn by war and violence, effective education can prepare the next generation for a productive life, heal psychological wounds, prevent cyclical violence, and achieve peace. "From Bullets to Blackboards" profiles ten exemplary education programs in Latin America and Asia, presenting lessons learned in areas such as policy reform, early childhood development, primary and bilingual education, vocational skills for ex-combatants and displaced families, and training for human rights and democracy.