Bird and Bat Collision Risks & Wind Energy Facilities

Willmott, Julia;
Costello, E. Allison;
Gordon, Caleb;
Forcey, Greg;
Casto, Sean;
Beaulac, Genevieve;
Dec 2012
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has seen its portfolio of wind power projects increase substantially, a trend which is expected to continue. This report is intended to provide expert guidance regarding wind wildlife risk issues, and to ensure that environmental impact considerations are sufficiently incorporated into the IDB's wind energy projects. Guidance is provided in 3 specific areas corresponding to the 3 chapters of this report as follows: Efficacy of bird and bat impact minimization/mitigation measures (Chapter 1); Efficacy of preconstruction collision risk prediction models (Chapter 2); and Postconstruction fatality monitoring protocols for birds and bats (Chapter 3).