Biofuels and Rural Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sulser, Timothy;
Zambrano, Patricia;
Jan 2011
This report analyzes the current state of R&D in agricultural biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of development of the sector. The objectives of this report where first to estimate biofuel production potential based on current land use, productivity patterns and available technologies, examine the determinants of energy and biofuel supply and demand, and finally, develop a forward looking analysis of the long term impact of biofuel expansion in Latin America and its effects on prices, trade, food security, malnutrition and other indicators. The analysis of the current feedstock production possibilities show that most countries in Latin America continue to lag behind in terms of productivity, with a few exceptions. This conclusion leads to the need to further support strengthening the agricultural sector by improving input and output markets and value added chains.