Beyond Small Change: Making Migrant Remittances Count

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Lianos, Theodore P.;
Bump, Micah N.;
Kirton, Claremont D.;
Glytsos, Nicholas P.;
Hugo, Graeme;
Zárate-Hoyos, Germán A.;
St. Onge, Erin;
El-Sakka, Mohammed
Jan 2005
Wilson, Steven R.;Terry, Donald F.
Beyond Small Change examines the phenomenon of migrant remittances in hopes of contributing to international understanding of remittances, promoting better policies and practices in this area, and turning migrant workers' hard-won resources into a source of development for their homelands. This book draws on survey evidence, detailed analysis of case studies, and comparisons across countries and regions, and paints a picture of remittance flows that cross borders and sometimes generations to transform lives. While the emphasis is on Latin America and the Caribbean, various chapters also examine Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.