Best Practices for the Financing of Women MSMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Recommendations for National Development Banks

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Jun 2022
This document identifies and shares good practices that can be replicated by national development banks to enhance access, use, and quality of financing for women's micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). These practices serve both to motivate self-limiting demand (female entrepreneurs who do not apply for a loan) and strengthen the supply of credit that is not covering needs, does not fit the characteristics of women's businesses, or is diverted to other clients. Among the main findings, the document highlights the importance of designing products with non-financial considerations (such as personalized advice, training, networking activities, and capacity building, among others) as well as financial products based on segmentations and detailed market research of women's businesses. At the same time, it suggests the need to strengthen alliances with specialized institutions and consider the use of digital mechanisms in developing solutions.