Benefits and Beneficiaries: An Introduction to Estimating Distributional Effects in Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Londero, Elio
Jan 1998
Professionals in the field of applied economic analysis and students interested in a more detailed approach to cost-benefit analysis than that offered in the most widely used textbooks will find Benefits and Beneficiaries a valuable tool. This volume explores the distributional implications inherent in cost-benefit analysis, shows how distributional value judgments underlie traditional efficiency analysis and the treatment of accounting prices, and provides guidelines for estimating the distributional effects of investment projects. Applications are illustrated by three examples involving industry, electricity generation and irrigation. In each case, the author leads the reader through the analysis, comparing situations with and without an investment project, in order to identify and quantify the costs and benefits involved, and estimate the distribution of these real income changes.

The first edition of this book was published in 1987 and the second edition in 1996.
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