Behind the Execution of Development Projects: Challenges that Seemed Insurmountable

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Sep 2020
Almost 600 IDB loan operations are in execution annually in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the lessons learned from some of these development projects are not always widely known. Every time their experiences are not socialized, it is a lost opportunity for new initiatives, which could learn from the path traveled by others and thus, not start from scratch. Precisely, this publication collects 13 outstanding cases in the framework of Superheroes of Development, an IDB contest that recovers enormous challenges and important lessons from different development projects executed in the region, such as the provision of energy; water and sanitation services; transportation infrastructure; housing; tourism; sustainable development and job training. These are stories to inspire and serve as a reference in initiatives that face significant obstacles today, or that could encounter some tomorrow. It is also a tribute to the executing agencies, the teams in charge of implementing the development projects financed by the IDB. They are the ones who overcome difficulties that may seem insurmountable and decisive for the success of the projects, even when their work is often invisible.