Approach Paper: Violence and Crime Prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean: Operational and Strategic Evaluations of the IDB's Contribution 2012-2013

Mar 2012
In 2012, OVE will undertake an in-depth comparative review of five citizen security projects with the objective of drawing practical lessons on what works best in the design and implementation of inter-agency, multi-level, and participatory operations to lessen crime and violence in the region. Building on these findings, in 2013 OVE will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of crime and violence prevention at the IDB to investigate the strategic positioning of the institution in the area. The 2012 study will use the standard OECD-DAC guiding framework of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Each of the five case studies will combine a comprehensive review of literature, a desk review of project documentation, semi-structured interviews of stakeholders, and a review of existing data on results.