Approach Paper: OVE Annual Report 2015

May 2015
The Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) has committed to produce its second annual report as part of its 2015 Board-approved work plan (RE-479-1). This approach paper sets out the proposed approach, drawing on lessons from the first exercise in 2014 and on suggestions made by the Board of Executive Directors at a recent review meeting. The goals of the annual report are to enhance knowledge, strengthen feedback loops, and increase the use and influence of OVE's evaluation products, in line with the recommendations of the 2011 Independent Review Panel and the OECD-DAC. The annual report will draw on OVE's recent evaluation findings and, where appropriate, complement them with additional analysis. Because the report is not a full evaluation itself, it will not offer new recommendations. As in 2014, it will consist of two parts. Part 1 will summarize key findings and recommendations from OVE's 2015 evaluations, as well as the results of OVE's validations of management's DEM, PCR, and XSR ratings. It will also provide a status report on management's implementation of Board-endorsed recommendations from prior OVE evaluations, including a review of main points from Board discussions, and it will report on the uses of OVE's 2015 budget.