Approach Paper: Evaluation of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism

Jul 2012
This approach paper describes the scope of the evaluation of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM) by the IDB's Office of Evaluation and Oversight. The forthcoming evaluation responds to two separate mandates: (i) The policy establishing ICIM stipulates that "two years after the effective date of the Mechanism, the Board shall request an independent evaluation of the Mechanism. On the basis of such evaluation, and any comments thereon from Management, the Board will assess the experience with the Mechanism". The Board has requested that OVE undertake this evaluation; and (ii) in the context of the evaluation of IDB's 9th capital increase, OVE has been asked to review the implementation of IDB9 -related mandates. One of these mandates pertains to the establishment and effective implementation of ICIM, including its staffing and the phasing in of all operational policies contemplated in the approved ICIM policy.

In accordance with these mandates, the evaluation will cover ICIM's purview, policies, structure and staffing, and will examine requests received between May 2010 and June 30, 2012