Approach Paper: Evaluation of the Fund for Special Operations During the Eighth Replenishment (1994-2010): Part II

Mar 2012
OVE has carried out two Fund for Special Operations (FSO) evaluations. The first, "Oversight Note on the Performance Criteria for Allocating Concessional Resources" (RE-279), was presented to the Board of Executive Directors in 2003 and provided a preliminary review of the new performance-related allocation criteria introduced in 2002. In October 2010 OVE presented the "Evaluation of the Fund for Special Operations during the Eighth Replenishment (1994-2010) - Part I" (RE-376), in anticipation of the FSO replenishment through IDB-9. This document focused primarily on the implications of the changing methodologies for allocating FSO resources. The objective of this evaluation is to complete the assessment of the performance of IDB's FSO loan program during the period of the Eighth Replenishment (1994-2010), focusing as stated in RE-376 on financing and results.