Approach Paper: Country Program Evaluation: Belize 2008-2012

Sep 2012
Belize's 2008-2012 Country Strategy approved in June 2009 stated that the IDB would continuously monitor fiscal sustainability and calibrate its financing in accordance with changing country conditions. Rather than establishing specific sectors for IDB support, the Country Strategy identified four development objectives to which it would contribute: (1) ensuring sound fiscal management and public sector transparency; (2) creating or restoring the conditions for sustainable, private sector-led growth; (3) improving human resource development and social protection; and (4) rehabilitating road infrastructure damaged by floods in November 2008. The evaluation will analyze whether program implementation was consistent with the country's development needs and with the objectives laid out in the Country Strategy. The evaluation will use various data sources including interviews with IDB staff, government authorities, people participating in IDB operations, beneficiaries, as well as the review of IDB documents, readily available evaluations, and primary data when available.