Approach paper: Comparative Case Studies: IDB Supported Urban Transport Projects

Jun 2013
The IDB's support for Urban Transportation projects in Latin America has grown rapidly in recent years, with annual lending volume for the urban transport sector growing by 36% from 2005 to 2012, comprising more than 20 percent of the transport sector lending portfolio by 2012. This support is likely to continue growing in the next decade due to several institutional commitments, programs, and strategies, including the GCI-9 Agreement, the Sustainable Transport Action Plan (REST-AP), the Sustainable Cities Program, and the Rio+20 Commitments. The objective of these comparative case studies is to identify lessons learned from Bank supported integrated mass transit projects involving bus rapid transit (BRT) systems as a central component. In light of the growing importance of urban transport sector in the region and in the Bank's portfolio, the evaluation findings will help identify factors that affect the successes, challenges, and barriers to effective implementation Bank supported integrated urban transport system projects and inform future Bank urban transportation operations, as well as identify possible future urban transportation evaluation needs.