Approach Paper: A Comparative Analysis of SME Models Supported by IDB: The Case of Brazil

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Apr 2013
The evaluation of the effectiveness of SME-oriented projects has gained particular relevance in recent years, as they have been used as an instrument to help achieve IDB's strategic goals, defined by the IDB's Ninth General Capital Increase (IDB-9) mandate, such as poverty reduction and competitiveness. LAC experienced considerable economic growth over the past decade, and SME projects have been considered as tools to contribute and sustain progress based on private sector initiatives. The Bank has undertaken significant efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of different individual SME support models and their spillovers. However, less is known on whether and how alternative SME-oriented interventions reinforce each other. Accordingly, the main objective of this evaluation is to provide rigorous evidence of impacts of different models of SME support where IDB has been active.