Ancalmo: Sprinkles Against Anemia

Jan 2011
Almost one fifth of children under five in El Salvador are anemic because their diets contain too little iron. In rural areas, that number rises to 25 percent; the disorder extends across Central America. Iron is essential for bodies and minds to develop and resist infections and diseases. Giving children micronutrients such as iron, vitamins and zinc is one of the most efficient and cost- effective ways of improving their health. Educating families about good nutrition is key.A pharmaceutical company in El Salvador is retrofitting its plant with a $1.1 million loan from the Inter- American Development Bank's Opportunities for the Majority Initiative (OMJ) to become the first local producer of powdered micronutrients. Supervised by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Establecimientos Ancalmo S.A. de C.V. will insure a reliable, affordable supply of supplements and reach more children in the Central America.