Analysis of the Challenges in the Development of the Recycling Value Chain in Central America

Lobo, Susy;
Marin, Maritza;
Salas, Fiorella
Dec 2016
This analysis of the challenges for the development of recycling value chains in Central America is the product of discussions between IRR partners and private companies with operations in the Central American region who share a commitment to increase the quality and quantity of materials recycled. These companies considered that in order to achieve this, it would be necessary to strengthen all the links of the value chains, to understand better how they function in the region, and to identify meaningful opportunities to engage informal recyclers at the base of the chain in this process. The goal of this document is to identify and facilitate joint actions to strengthen and consolidate recycling value chains in the region. The document seeks to provide current and accurate information on legal, organizational and market aspects of the Central American recycling value chain to: decision-makers in national and municipal governments; private enterprises at different levels of the chain; recycler and civil society organizations working in the sector.