Amazon Creative Labs of the Cupuaçu-Cocoa Chain

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Nobre, Ismael;
Margit, Andrea ;
Koch-Weser, Maritta;
Veríssimo, Adalberto;
Neto, Ailton Fabrício
Mar 2021
Under the Amazon Third Way paradigm and its implementation strategy Amazon 4.0 the Amazon Creative Labs (ACL) were conceived, as a tool for training and for testing proposed concepts. Amazon 4.0 is an attempt to show that it is possible to achieve a stage of high human development combined with valuing of tropical forest through knowledge.
This study demonstrates how to add value to value chains of the immense Amazon biodiversity and how to enable Amazonian populations to master bio-industrialization technologies of forest assets. The following example deals with the potential to develop bio-industries in the value chain of two forest products with high potential: cupuaçu and cocoa through the development of the so-called ACL. This will serve as an important experiment to guide several proposals being elaborated by the Scientific Panel for the Amazon.