Agricultural Trade Liberalization: Policies and Implications for Latin America

Kerr, William A.;
Orden, David;
Depetris Guiguet, Edith;
Burnquist, Heliosa Lee;
Gardner, Bruce;
Thomas, Marcelle;
Gaisford, James D.;
Barros, Geraldo Sant'Ana de Camargo;
Bureau, Jean-Christophe;
Cattaneo, Andrea
Nov 2004
Jank, Marcos Sawaya
This book investigates key issues in regard to liberalization of agricultural trade in the Western Hemisphere, including potential scenarios for liberalization at the regional and multilateral levels, the effects of U.S. and European Union agricultural policies on trade, and how a Free Trade Area of the Americas and a European Union-MERCOSUR trade agreement might affect agricultural trade flows. It also examines agricultural liberalization in the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement and suggests a food security typology for use by the World Trade Organization.