5G: The Driver for the Next-Generation Digital Society in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Mar 2020
5G is a revolutionary mobile communication technology that will usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution and drastically change the society and economy of the future. Many countries around the world are in a hurry to adopt 5G to quickly secure the significant economic and social benefits that it bring. Given the enormous opportunities that 5G networks will create, Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries must actively adopt 5G. However, to successfully deploy 5G networks in the region, it is important to resolve the challenges that they will face, including high implementation costs, securing spectrum, the need to develop institution, and issues around activation. For 5G networks to be successfully established and utilized, LAC governments must take a number of actions, including regulatory improvement, establishing institutions, and providing financial support related to investment in the 5G network. This study explores the challenges in deploying and utilizing 5G mobile networks in the region and proposes specific solutions and a step-by-step roadmap.