2022 Guide for Climate Change Journalists

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Oct 2022
Environmental journalists have worked for decades to increase awareness of the imminent climate crisis. They did so long before the issue ever made the front page, or companies had sustainability departments, or political figures spoke out on climate matters. The first environmental journalists were trailblazers in both greater society and in newsrooms. But they werent alone on the front lines. They gave voice to respected sources such as the scientific community and environmental NGOs. With growing media coverage on TV and radio programs, websites, and social media pages, people today are more aware than ever of the threat climate change poses. Climate journalists, however, continue to face challenges, both old and new. Some of these challenges mirror transformations across the news industry, with traditional formats giving way to new forms of connecting with audiences, such as image-heavy social media content. Meanwhile, audiences can feel overwhelmed by the sense of urgency and pessimism dominating climate news, while some have become distrustful of such information amid the rise of “fake news.”