2017 IDBG Climate Finance Data

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Mar 2019
Yurivilca, Rossemary; Cardenas, Susana
In 2016, the IDB Group´s Board of Governors endorsed the goal to increase finance for climate change-related operations in borrowing member countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region to 30% of the IDBG’s combined total annual approvals by 2020, subject to demand from public and private borrowers and to the Bank Group´s continued access to external sources of concessional finance. As a member of the MDB Working Group on Climate Finance Tracking, and in line with the MDBs shared principles of robust and transparent reporting, the IDBG resolved to publish annually its reported climate finance on a project-level, disaggregated basis for all public sector activity, and on an aggregated basis for all private sector activity, provided project-specific non-disclosure agreements. During 2017, the IDB Group invested approximately US$4.3 billion in climate finance, that is, in IDBG-financed development activities that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and thus mitigate climate change, and/or that reduce vulnerability to climate change and contribute to an adaptation process. This amount represented 28.5% of the IDB Group’s total approvals for 2017.