2011 Evaluability Review of Bank Projects

Jun 2012
During the last decade, the IDB has strongly promoted an agenda to increase its capacity to report on results, with a particular focus on project evaluability. The first pilot exercise to validate the Development Effectiveness Matrix (DEM) of randomly selected projects began in October 2011. The objective was to provide suggestions for improving the DEM as a tool for assessing evaluability. In validating the DEM for Sovereign-Guaranteed (SG) loans, results indicate significant progress in SG project design, although there is still room for improvement in a number of areas. The Non-Sovereign Guaranteed (NSG) DEM was not validated; instead, the evaluability dimensions of five NSG projects were analyzed, revealing that NSG projects are relatively weak in evaluability. In light of the findings, the DEM for SG operations should be strengthened; the DEM for NSG operations should be thoroughly revised; there should be one unit in IDB overseeing evaluability for all projects to ensure consistency and comparability of treatment; and post-approval follow-up to monitor and assess results should be ensured.