Feb 2010
Author(s): Cavallo, Eduardo A.
While public debt ratios in Latin America increased in 2009 amid the global financial crisis, they remain below levels reached following the Asian and Russian crises of the late 1990s. Moreover, debt…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Gereffi, Gary;Castillo, Mario;Fernandez-Stark, Karina
Historically, services were considered non-tradable and offshoring was confined to the manufacturing sector. However, the evolution and diffusion of information and communication technologies has…
Dec 2009
Author(s): González, Anabel
El Tratado de Libre Comercio entre República Dominicana, Centroamérica y Estados Unidos (en adelante, CAFTA-RD) entró en vigencia para Costa Rica el 1 de enero del 2009, catorce meses después de su…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Hornbeck, J. F.
Free Trade Agreements: U.S. Promotion and Oversight of Latin American Implementation
Dec 2009
Author(s): Hart, Michael M.
Between 1986 and 1995, the government of Canada negotiated and implemented three major international trade agreements: the 1989 Canada-US Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), the 1994 North American Free…
Sep 2009
Author(s): Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento
Relatório confeccionado na Festa dos Pescadores no Povoado Mato do Crasto nos dias 26 e 27 de setembro de 2009, cujo principal objetivo foi a coleta dados primários sobre os usos dos espaços e das…
Jul 2009
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank;World Bank
Second Meeting of the Finance Ministers of the Americas and the Caribbean
Jul 2009
Author(s): Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo;Banco Mundial
Segunda Reunión de Ministros de Hacienda de América y El Caribe
Dec 2008
Author(s): Giordano, Paolo;Florez, Victoria
Esta investigación pretende cubrir esta brecha repasando la literatura relevante sobre los efectos distributivos de la liberalización comercial en América Latina. Más específicamente, el trabajo se…
Sep 2006
Author(s): Jessen, Anneke;Shearer, Matthew;Vignoles, Christopher
This paper provides an overview of Suriname's trade sector and, based on an assessment of the sector's performance, presents policy recommendations, so that becomes a useful tool for…
May 2004
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This strategy (GN-2232-5) was favorably considered by the Bank's Board of Directors on May 19, 2004.
Jul 2003
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
The strategy document was favorably reviewed by the IDB Board of Executive Directors on July 23, 2003. The objective of this strategy is to establish the basic concepts that should guide Bank…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Iunes, Roberto F.
This policy brief addresses safety and security in the workplace in Latin America and the Caribbean. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues have received little attention in Latin America and…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Freije, Samuel
The expansion of the informal sector in the last decades has been accompanied by a lack of almost every form of social protection and low-productivity/low-wage employment. This report summarizes the…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Mazza, Jacqueline
Labor intermediation services are used to improve the connection between job seeker and job. They aim not only to get job seekers more quickly into new jobs but also to make a better quality match,…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Fawcett, Caroline S.
This policy analysis looks at the economic relationships between sectors, where formal and informal sectors are intimately linked in terms of youth and adult workers, where skilled workers and their…
Nov 2001
Author(s): Márquez, Gustavo
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the status of training policies in Latin America, and to review some new approaches that are shaping the evolution of policies and institutions in the region.…
Nov 2001
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This document surveys Bank lending operations designed to fight poverty and enhance social equity, with emphasis on recently approved projects with innovative components. It also surveys a broad…
Aug 1996
Author(s): Foster, Vivien
Given the importance of water and sanitation loans in the Bank's portfolio of infrastructure projects and the significance of the measures that are underway throughout the region, this…
Mar 1996
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This strategy (GN-1883-5) was formally considered by the Board of Executive Directors and the management of the IDB on March 18, 1996.