May 2020
Author(s): Balza, Lenin;Jimenez Mori, Raul Alberto;Macedo, Demian;Mercado Díaz, Jorge Enrique
This paper revisits the relationship between private participation, regulatory governance and the performance of the electricity sector in 18 Latin American countries over the last five decades.…
May 2018
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.;Bollers, Elton
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.
Aug 2014
Author(s): Navarro, Lucas
This paper uses administrative data from projects for which an application was made to CORFO's (Chile's main development agency) Seed Capital Program (SCP) during the 2008-12 period. This…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Iunes, Roberto F.
This policy brief addresses safety and security in the workplace in Latin America and the Caribbean. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues have received little attention in Latin America and…