May 2018
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.;Bollers, Elton
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.
Aug 2014
Author(s): Navarro, Lucas
This paper uses administrative data from projects for which an application was made to CORFO's (Chile's main development agency) Seed Capital Program (SCP) during the 2008-12 period. This…
Jul 2013
Author(s): Santiso, Carlos;Varea, Marco
En la última década, los Parlamentos han mostrado cada vez más interés y han tenido más protagonismo en el proceso presupuestario al demandar mayor información sobre el desempeño del gobierno en su…
May 2004
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This strategy (GN-2232-5) was favorably considered by the Bank's Board of Directors on May 19, 2004.
Jul 2003
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
The strategy document was favorably reviewed by the IDB Board of Executive Directors on July 23, 2003. The objective of this strategy is to establish the basic concepts that should guide Bank…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Freije, Samuel
The expansion of the informal sector in the last decades has been accompanied by a lack of almost every form of social protection and low-productivity/low-wage employment. This report summarizes the…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Mazza, Jacqueline
Labor intermediation services are used to improve the connection between job seeker and job. They aim not only to get job seekers more quickly into new jobs but also to make a better quality match,…
Jul 2002
Author(s): Fawcett, Caroline S.
This policy analysis looks at the economic relationships between sectors, where formal and informal sectors are intimately linked in terms of youth and adult workers, where skilled workers and their…
Nov 2001
Author(s): Márquez, Gustavo
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the status of training policies in Latin America, and to review some new approaches that are shaping the evolution of policies and institutions in the region.…
Nov 2001
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This document surveys Bank lending operations designed to fight poverty and enhance social equity, with emphasis on recently approved projects with innovative components. It also surveys a broad…
Aug 1996
Author(s): Foster, Vivien
Given the importance of water and sanitation loans in the Bank's portfolio of infrastructure projects and the significance of the measures that are underway throughout the region, this…
Mar 1996
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This strategy (GN-1883-5) was formally considered by the Board of Executive Directors and the management of the IDB on March 18, 1996.
Mar 1996
Author(s): Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Este documento presenta los primeros elementos de una propuesta de objetivos y líneas de acción para los programas de modernización del Estado y de fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil, que el Banco…