Apr 2015
Author(s): Scartascini, Carlos
This dataset compiles publicly available data that proxies for the quality of the public policies that affect productivity at the national level, along with proxies for the articulation and…
Apr 2015
Author(s): Scartascini, Carlos; Franco, Maria
The Database of Political Institutions presents institutional and electoral results data such as measures of checks and balances, tenure and stability of the government, identification of party…
Apr 2015
Author(s): Candelo, Natalia
Database from the Research Department on Social Exclusion and Experiments in Six Cities of Latin America
Apr 2015
Author(s): D'Erasmo, Pablo N.
This file contains the distribution of firm size at the industry level for formal firms in Brazil.
Mar 2015
Author(s): Huberts, Alyssa; Velasques de Paula Machado, Fabiana
The Brazilian Electoral Panel Study (BEPS) was designed primarily to capture campaign dynamics at the national level during the 2010 Brazilian presidential election. It aimed at generating data that…
Mar 2015
Author(s): D'Erasmo, Pablo N.
This file contains aggregate indicators of the situation of non-agricultural formal and informal small businesses. The survey gives especial attention to small businesses in the informal sector. The…
Apr 2012
Author(s): Cesa-Bianchi, Ambrogio; Pesaran, M. Hashem; Rebucci, Alessandro; Xu, TengTeng
This is the data used for the estimation of the GVAR model as in "China's Emergence in the World Economy and Business Cycles in Latin America" (access the study in the related URL…
Nov 2010
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
This benchmarking index is a learning tool that evaluates the legal, regulatory and operating environments for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in transport, water/sanitation and electricity…
Jun 2009
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank; Economist Intelligence Unit
This benchmarking index evaluates the legal, regulatory and operating environments for public-private partnerships in transport and water infrastructure for 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries…
Mar 2009
Author(s): Galindo, Arturo; Pinzon, Mauricio
This database for Revelation of Expectations in Latin America (REVELA) was updated to March 2009. It includes data on inflation, growth, fiscal deficit, interest rate and other variables for each…