Jan 2019
Author(s): Pimenta, Carlos; Seco, Antonio
A partir del análisis de algunos factores de éxito para el buen funcionamiento de los sistemas integrados de administración financiera (SIAF) en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), se identifican ejes…
Dec 2018
Author(s): Demaestri, Edgardo C.; Moskovits, Cynthia; Chiara, Jimena
This paper discusses the main issues concerning sovereign fiscal and financial risks from public–private partnerships (PPPs) with a focus on contingent liabilities (CLs). It is based on the…
Dec 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Schwartz, Moises; Zegarra, Maria Alejandra; Wright, Allan; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Waithe, Kimberly; Gauto, Victor; Bollers, Elton; Mooney, Henry; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk
The divergence in the development of the countries that correspond to the Inter-American Development Bank’s Caribbean Country Department and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)…
Dec 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Waithe, Kimberly; Lorde, Kishmar
The Barbados economy has been challenged over the last decade by elevated fiscal deficits and a rapid build-up in debt. While the country has made efforts to address this challenge through revenue…
Nov 2018
Author(s): Mooney, Henry; Wright, Allan; Grenade, Kari
Fiscal councils are among the most recent innovations in terms of the architecture of fiscal institutions. This paper provides an overview of the history and evolution of these institutions, research…
Oct 2018
Author(s): Suescún, Rodrigo
This paper describes the FMM-MTFF model, a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model developed by the Fiscal Management Division (FMM) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support the…
Oct 2018
Author(s): Eguino, Huáscar; Lanfranchi, Gabriel; Rodríguez, Jorge; Vásquez Jordán, Darinka
El presente estudio propone la adopción de estrategias de innovación digital en los gobiernos municipales, a fin de facilitar la mayor integración e inter-operatividad de las diferentes áreas de la…
Oct 2018
Author(s): Pessino, Carola; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Vuletin, Guillermo
Public spending has climbed in Latin America and the Caribbean. Riding a commodity windfall and low interest rates, many governments in the region tried to spend their way into the future.…
Sep 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Bollers, Elton; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk; Mooney, Henry; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Schwartz, Moises; Waithe, Kimberly; Deyal, Zubin; Gauto, Victor
While countries in the Caribbean are highly diverse, several common development challenges emerge, including weak fiscal institutions, crime and violence, a sluggish private sector, weak productive…
Sep 2018
Author(s): Beuermann, Diether; Schwartz, Moises; Schmid, Juan Pedro; Dippel, Christian; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Khadan, Jeetendra; Pecha, Camilo; Fajgenbaum, Jose; Loser, Claudio; Wright, Allan; Waithe, Kimberly; Bollers, Elton; Bonnett, Kevin; Wenner, Mark D.; Mejia, Camila; Mooney, Henry; Smets, Lodewijk
The book explores the historical development and status of political and economic institutions in The Caribbean. The Caribbean institutional reality is studied vis-à-vis best international practices…
Sep 2018
Author(s): de Halleux, Morgane; Estache, Antonio; Serebrisky, Tomás
The paper reports a new performance ranking of 27 Latin American cities based on a composite indicator of 6 broad policy dimensions typical used to assess the quality of city management. All cities…
Aug 2018
Author(s): López Carbajal, Hector A.
This document is the first of a two-volume study that provides a policy guideline that draws conclusions from international experience and economic analysis to recommend some policies that are…
Aug 2018
Author(s): De Lira Salvatierra, Irving Arturo
Having reliable and meaningful access to information is no little feat for a country. Infrastructure needs to be in place; from the big cables – the backbone – that carry data from state to state to…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Smets, Lodewijk
Policies are not designed and implemented by a social planner but are determined through a political process, based on the policymakers' preferences, beliefs and the constraints provided by…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Hernaiz, Daniel; Miller, Sebastián J.; Pedroni, Peter
A number of policy discussions in macroeconomics have to do with the impact of commodity price fluctuations on fiscal policy in commodity exporting countries. Commodity price movements, however, have…
Aug 2018
Author(s): López-Martín, Bernabé; Ramírez de Aguilar, Alberto; Samano, Daniel
We exploit a hidden Markov model where inflation is determined by government deficits financed through money creation and/or by destabilizing expectations dynamics (expectations can potentially…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Panadeiros, Monica; Pessino, Carola
El envejecimiento poblacional que caracterizará la evolución demográfica de los países latinoamericanos en las próximas décadas es probable que vaya acompañado de presiones para incrementar el gasto…
Jul 2018
Author(s): Bracken, Mike; Greenway, Andrew
Digital government is rapidly gathering momentum as an effective way for nations and regions to increase their administrative efficiency, develop resilience, and deliver simpler, clearer, and better…
Jun 2018
Author(s): Rossi, José Luiz
This policy brief presents a summary of the country development challenges.
Jun 2018
Author(s): Andrian, Leandro Gaston
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.