Dec 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Schwartz, Moises; Zegarra, Maria Alejandra; Wright, Allan; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Waithe, Kimberly; Gauto, Victor; Bollers, Elton; Mooney, Henry; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk
The divergence in the development of the countries that correspond to the Inter-American Development Bank’s Caribbean Country Department and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)…
Nov 2018
Author(s): Mooney, Henry; Wright, Allan; Grenade, Kari
Fiscal councils are among the most recent innovations in terms of the architecture of fiscal institutions. This paper provides an overview of the history and evolution of these institutions, research…
Sep 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Bollers, Elton; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk; Mooney, Henry; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Schwartz, Moises; Waithe, Kimberly; Deyal, Zubin; Gauto, Victor
While countries in the Caribbean are highly diverse, several common development challenges emerge, including weak fiscal institutions, crime and violence, a sluggish private sector, weak productive…
Sep 2018
Author(s): Beuermann, Diether; Schwartz, Moises; Schmid, Juan Pedro; Dippel, Christian; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Khadan, Jeetendra; Pecha, Camilo; Fajgenbaum, Jose; Loser, Claudio; Wright, Allan; Waithe, Kimberly; Bollers, Elton; Bonnett, Kevin; Wenner, Mark D.; Mejia, Camila; Mooney, Henry; Smets, Lodewijk
The book explores the historical development and status of political and economic institutions in The Caribbean. The Caribbean institutional reality is studied vis-à-vis best international practices…
Jun 2018
Author(s): Wright, Allan; Grenade, Kari
This Policy Brief examines The Bahamas’ Fiscal Responsibility Bill 2018, juxtaposing it against some standard principles that typically guide the formation of a fiscal responsibility framework. Key…
May 2018
Author(s): Wright, Allan
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.
Feb 2018
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Wenner, Mark D.; Bollers, Elton; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk; Mooney, Henry; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Schwartz, Moises; Beuermann, Diether; Waithe, Kimberly
Countries that have set themselves on a course of strengthening the quality of their institutions to provide a minimum of certainty to economic agents have been able to alter their development paths…
Sep 2017
Author(s): Clarke, Dillon; Khadan, Jeetendra; Lorde, Kishmar; Pradelli, Juan Jose; Schmid, Juan Pedro; Waithe, Kimberly; Wenner, Mark D.; Wright, Allan
All countries in the Caribbean face fiscal challenges. On the one hand, the countries that depend on tourism – Jamaica, Barbados, and The Bahamas – are at different stages of dealing with the…
Jun 2017
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Waithe, Kimberly; Wenner, Mark D.; Clarke, Dillon; Khadan, Jeetendra; Pradelli, Juan Jose
This issue of the Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin explores the importance of commodities for the region’s countries. While the Caribbean includes commodity producers, most members depend heavily…
May 2017
Author(s): Wright, Allan; Ramirez, Francisco A.
This study uses simulations of state-dependent distributions of fiscal limits for 18 economies in Central America and the Caribbean to better understand governments¿ ability to service their debt,…