Sep 2017
Author(s): Bustelo, Monserrat; Duryea, Suzanne; Baptista de Freitas, Luísa; Marques Garcia, Luana; Piras, Claudia; Sampaio, Breno; Sampaio, Gustavo R.
This paper analyzes social mobility as realized by students of a high quality public flagshipuniversity in Brazil, the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), applying the methodology of
Jan 2010
Author(s): Ellis, Amanda N.; Orlando, María Beatriz; Muñoz Boudet, Ana Maria; Piras, Claudia; Reimao, Maira; Cutura, Jozefina; Frickenstein, Judith; Perez, Ane; de Castro, Orsi
Entrepreneurship contributes to a vibrant private sector and can stimulate broader economic growth. Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have experienced an important growth of…
Nov 2005
Author(s): Piras, Claudia; Ripani, Laura
This study asks a simple question that has significant implications for gender equality. After decades of increasing female participation in the labor market, advances in the labor legislation and…