Apr 2020
Author(s): Bastos, Fabiano;Castellani, Francesca;Sánchez, Gabriel;Schijman, Agustina;Rossi, José Luiz;Hernaiz, Daniel;Miller, Sebastián J.;Feal-Zubimendi, Soledad;Queijo Von Heideken, Virginia
Este documento analiza el impacto de la pandemia de COVID-19 en los países prestatarios del Grupo BID en el Cono Sur (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay).
Aug 2018
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.;Ruiz-Tagle V., Cristóbal
This paper examines the effect of exposure to air pollution on the probability of a pregnancy ending in a stillbirth delivery. We use official registry data of pregnancy outcomes and municipality-…
Apr 2014
Author(s): Vela, Mauricio A.;Miller, Sebastián J.
This paper studies the allocation of total disaster risk reduction public spending among regions in Peru. The main objective of this work is to identify the main determinants of the distribution of…
Dec 2013
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.;Vela, Mauricio A.
In addition to the morbidity and mortality concerns of outdoor air pollution, studies have shown that air pollution also generates problems for children`s cognitive performance and human capital…
Nov 2013
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.;Vela, Mauricio A.
This paper focuses on the question of whether the magnitude of long-established environmentally related taxes (ERT) is related to countries environmental performance. While environmental taxes…
Sep 2013
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.;Vela, Mauricio A.
Environmental taxes have been discussed as one of the main mechanisms to deal with environmental problems. Nonetheless, instruments of this type have rarely been implemented, and the adoption of new…