Mar 2017
Author(s): Agénor, Pierre-Richard; Pereira da Silva, Luiz A.
The effects of capital requirements on risk-taking and welfare are studied in a stochastic overlapping generations model of endogenous growth with banking, limited liability, and government…
Nov 2016
Author(s): Kroetz, Kailin; Sanchirico, James N.; Galarza Contreras, Elsa; Corderi, David; Collado, Nestor; Swiedler, Elaine W.
The implementation of rights-based management programs is increasing worldwide yet there are few ex post evaluations, especially in developing country contexts. In this paper we examine changes…
Mar 2016
Author(s): Kroetz, Kailin; Sanchirico, James N.; Peña-Torres, Julio; Corderi, David
The debate in commercial fishery management has evolved from whether well-defined rights are necessary for sustainability to measuring the impacts of different rights-based system designs. Most…
Feb 2016
Author(s): Pereira da Silva, Luiz A.; Agénor, Pierre-Richard
This paper discusses, from an analytical and operational perspective, the use of reserve requirements and loan loss provisions as countercyclical macroprudential instruments. In recent years both of…
Jun 2009
Author(s): Federación Latinoamericana de Bancos (FELABAN); D'Alessio International Research Online (IROL); Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
En este informe se presentan los resultados del estudio cuyo objetivo central fue la indagación del impacto de la crisis económica en el movimiento de remesas en América Latina y de los productos y…
Nov 2007
Author(s): Federación Latinoamericana de Bancos (FELABAN); Bendixen & Amandi (B&A); Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Una encuesta encargada por el FOMIN que abarcó a personas que reciben remesas con regularidad en Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá, y fue presentada en una rueda de…
Jun 2005
Author(s): Festa, Jerome