Apr 2019
Author(s): Bollers, Elton;Deyal, Zubin;Gauto, Victor;Giles Álvarez, Laura;Khadan, Jeetendra;Mooney, Henry;Smets, Lodewijk;Waithe, Kimberly;Wright, Allan
This policy brief summarizes challenges in the infrastructure sectors of The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. It also includes recommendations to overcome these…
Feb 2019
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.;Bollers, Elton;Clarke, Dillon;Johnny, Teneisha
In 2014 a survey of 11 indigenous villages and 337 households was conducted to understand the economic conditions and document perceptions and opinions of leaders and households on various matters of…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Cathala, Corinne;Núñez, Anamaría;Rios, Ana R.
This policy brief examines these crises, explores successes and pitfalls in the response mechanisms, and extracts valuable lessons to assist decision makers in dealing with droughts, providing…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Cathala, Corinne;Núñez, Anamaría;Rios, Ana R.
El cambio climático está acelerando la frecuencia y gravedad de las sequías, generando desafíos tanto para los encargados de políticas como para la población a nivel mundial. Este informe de…
Aug 2018
Author(s): Cathala, Corinne;Núñez, Anamaría;Rios, Ana R.
A mudança climática está aumentando a frequência e intensidade das secas, o que impõe enormes desafios tanto para os formuladores de políticas como para os cidadãos em todo o mundo. Esta síntese de…
May 2018
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.;Bollers, Elton
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.
Apr 2018
Author(s): Pasha, Sukrishnalall;Bollers, Elton;Wenner, Mark D.
Guyana has experienced significant economic growth and several waves of reforms over the past two decades. Nevertheless, several constraints continue to affect Guyana’s private sector. This policy…