Jul 2009
Author(s): Medalla, Erlinda;Balboa, Jenny
This presentation contains: 1) An overview of the evolving global economic architecture; 2) A background on Asian regionalism and factors for success; 3) Prospects for inter-regional cooperation…
Jun 2008
Author(s): Shantong, Li
This presentation reviews the following topics: China in the world economy; industrial performance and competitiveness of China; features of trade of major Asian economies and preliminary exploration…
Apr 2005
Author(s): Isao, Taoka
This document is about speech's Taoka Isao, about migration, based on his personal experience.
Apr 2005
Author(s): Ishikawa, Tomonori;University of the Ryukyus
This document is about Japanese immigrants, including those originating from Okinawa, played in Latin American society as well as the issues concerning the impact that both sides have made on each…